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Use CPSTF Findings: Implement Programs, Services, and Other Interventions

As a public health decision maker, practitioner, community leader, or someone who cares about the health of your community, you can use The Community Guide to create a blueprint for success. The Community Guide—a compilation of all CPSTF findings—can help your community focus resources on interventions proven to work. You can skip the step of researching intervention approaches and feel confident about their decisions knowing CPSTF recommendations are based on credible, rigorous, systematic reviews that consider all relevant, high-quality evidence.

You can do the following to translate CPSTF recommendations into practical actions that can be included in public health programs.

  1. Identify your community’s needs.
  2. Review intervention approaches recommended by the CPSTF and determine which ones best match your community
  3. Adopt, adapt, or develop evidence-based programs, services, or other interventions to meet the needs of your population.

How Implementation Works

The Community Guide has tools and resources to help you get started.

Learn From Others

  • Community Guide in Action – See how other communities applied CPSTF recommendations to develop their programs, services, and other interventions to improve health and safety. Get ideas from their success stories.

What The Community Guide Does

Implementing CPSTF-recommended intervention approaches is a key step to improving the health of your community.

  • Inquire about trainings The Community Guide provides to public health partners, boards of health, community-based organizations, and federal agencies who provide guidance and support to communities across the nation.
  • Try the comparison tool that helps users select intervention approaches that meet their specific needs. This tool lets you choose two reviews and compare them based on chosen criteria.
  • Use crosswalks that The Community Guide website connect with other resources, including specific programs.
  • Share printable resources with community partners to help others learn about The Community Guide and ways you can use it such as The Community Guide Flyer pdf icon [PDF - 1.05 MB] and Who We Are, What We Do.