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Worksite Health

Worksite policies and programs may help employees reduce health risks and improve their quality of life. Interventions may be implemented at worksites (e.g., signs to encourage stair use, health education classes), at other locations (e.g., gym membership discounts, weight management counseling), or through employee health benefits plans (e.g., flu shots, cancer screenings).

Task Force Findings
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Summary Table

This summary of CPSTF findings for worksite health promotion can be used as a reference, included in presentations, or shared with colleagues.

Implementation Resources

Implementation Products

CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard External Web Site Icon
The CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard (ScoreCard) is a tool designed to help employers assess whether they have implemented evidence-based health promotion interventions or strategies in their worksites to improve the health and well-being of their employees.

What is the Value on Investment for Diabetes and Hypertension Programs at the Workplace? External Web Site Icon
This white paper and more detailed employer guide examine the evidence base and review the effectiveness and value on investment (VOI) of workplace-based programs focused on two of the most common and costly health conditions: diabetes and hypertension. They provide practical information for employers and their benefits advisors to evaluate the costs, health impact, and overall VOI when designing their programs.
Developed by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) with support from Transamerica Institute®

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